Extra free months for new members

There’s a bonus for organisations and individuals joining IFLA towards the end of our financial year. Pay at 2021 rates and your membership will cover all of 2022. Nothing more to pay until 2023!

With around 1 500 members from around 150 countries worldwide, IFLA’s work promotes a strong and united library profession, powering literate, informed and participative societies.

Becoming a member of IFLA affirms your commitment to delivering exceptional library services and promoting the core values of library and information work.

Benefits of IFLA membership

  • Participate at reduced rates in the IFLA World Library and Information Congress
  • Receive discounts on IFLA Publications
  • Receive the IFLA Journal and Annual Report
  • Connect and collaborate seamlessly with an international network, within your sector and across the field
  • Receive free Section membership allowing you to develop close links with experts in your particular field of interest
  • Build knowledge and professional expertise through engaging in dynamic professional development opportunities – virtual events, workshops, panel sessions and seminars
  • Be part of one of IFLA’s Regional Divisions, working with us to improve advocacy and build capacity
  • Participate in IFLA’s decision-making
  • Have your say in nominating and electing IFLA’s leaders
  • Strengthen the global voice of libraries and information services and help set the course of the profession