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Out Now: December 2021 issue of IFLA Journal

20 January 2022

    The December 2021 issue contains 13 articles from across the domains of library and information science. Ranging from the impacts of neoliberal policies on public libraries to the development of future-ready schools libraries through design thinking, each article provides an important perspectives on historical and contemporary trends that impact libraries, librarians, and their publics.

    Helping every library work with the SDGs: Interview with Nathalice Cardoso

    17 January 2022

      The United Nations 2030 Agenda is not just a document for governments, rather it sets out responsibilities for everyone, including libraries! However, it is not always easy to make the connection between high-level policy documents and day-to-day library operations. We interviewed Natalice Cardoso, to find out about her work in engaging libraries in questions around the Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals

      Looking Ahead on Health

      12 January 2022

        The Pandemic has clearly focused minds on health, and how essential it is that we do not take it for granted. The right to health – and with it, the right to health information – have rapidly moved up the political agenda. Find out about the plans of our Health and Biosciences Section (HBS) and Evidence for Global and Disaster Health Special Interest Group (E4GDH), and in particular about the 2022 International Congress of Medical Librarianship.

        Health information by right: making the case for ensuring access to reliable information

        12 January 2022

          In the early months of 2020, WHO Director General Tedros Ghebreyesus underlined that in addition to fighting a pandemic, the world also needed to reckon with an 'infodemic'. As argued by the speakers at the WLIC 2021 session on Access to health information as a human right: A global call to action and practical steps, there is an urgent need for action to ensure that every person should have access to  reliable health information and should be protected from misinformation.

          IFLA Newsletter, January 2022: Editorial

          12 January 2022

            Welcome to the first IFLA Newsletter of 2022! I wanted therefore to start by wishing you all a very happy, healthy New Year. Health is of course something we should value highly, especially now. We continue to live with the consequences of a very real health crisis – the COVID-19 pandemic – leaving a trail of suffering, disruption and uncertainty. This edition of our newsletter therefore focuses, in particular, on how IFLA and libraries are working to support health and wellbeing for all.

            IFLA Trend Report 2021 Update released!

            6 January 2022

              IFLA is happy to share the 2021 Update of its Trend Report, based on the ideas submitted by emerging library leaders ahead of our World Library and Information Congress. We invite you to look through, and think how these trends will interact and impact upon our institutions, our profession and our communities.