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New member of the IFLA Governing Board

24 April 2023

    As a result of the vacancy for the Chair of the Management of Library Associations Section (MLAS) who is also a member of the Governing Board, a call for nominations was conducted within the members of the MLAS Standing Committee. Only one nomination was received and therefore the nominated candidate, Loida Garcia-Febo (United States of America), is automatically elected.

    Actions of Serials & Other Continuing Resources Standing Committee (SCORE) to Collaborate on Open Access Call at IFLA

    19 April 2023

      At a global level, the Open Access (OA) movement is currently in state of transition as it seeks to maximize the openness of data, research outputs and information financed with public funds; for this, various actors are required to develop and implement collaborative strategies. IFLA's recently released "10 years of the IFLA open access statement: a call to action" identifies new essential areas for that action; one of them is to lead by example through collaboration with various actors in the world of Open Access.

      IFLA MLAS Advocacy Impact Evaluation Project

      19 April 2023

        The IFLA MLAS Advocacy Impact Evaluation Project is a two-year project started in November 2021. The final project result, the Review of Advocacy Impact Evaluation Practices in the Library Field, is scheduled to be published in August 2023. The aim of the project is to strengthen the advocacy impact evaluation practice in the library field by providing a set of guidance and recommendations about how to measure and evaluate the library advocacy impact.

        IFLA SCITECH and OA

        19 April 2023

          IFLA’s Science and Technology Libraries (SCITECH) Section has hosted a number of programs over the years that explored and addressed open access. Programs ranging from Open Practices (2022), Library as Driver for Open Access (2018), Open Data (2016), and Open Access Across Scientific Disciplines (2009), among others. In this article we provide some background on Open Access (OA) and how it is in line with our section’s 2023 World Library and Information Congress (WLIC) programme.

          Open should mean open

          19 April 2023

            Open Access (OA) is both old and new. The oldest online scholarly journal published continually via open access dates to 1990; the first book on the desirability and feasibility of open access dates to 1995; the Budapest OA initiative dates to 2002. The goal of universal open access of scientific and scholarly information has been elusive, but the time seems to have come for a dramatic upswing in the percentage of such content that is available on open terms.

            Evolving acquisition and collection development

            19 April 2023

              This year, IFLA's Acquisition and Collection Development (ACD) Section continues its work to support acquisitions and collection development processes for libraries across the globe. Following last year’s focus on incorporating open access content into library collections, we shift our attention to Open Educational Resources (OER) collection development practices.

              CFP: Identifiers for identities: Rectifying the (mis)representation of demographic groups (SAA Open Session at WLIC 2023)

              13 April 2023

                The IFLA Subject Analysis and Access (SAA) Section is seeking proposals for papers to be presented at their Open Session at the IFLA World Library and Information Congress 2023 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Theme: "Identifiers for identities: Rectifying the (mis)representation of demographic groups". The Deadline for proposal submissions (300-500 words) is 1 May 2023.