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Call for papers - Artificial Intelligence and Libraries: Transforming Information Access and Discovery

20 October 2023

    The IFLA Information Technology Section and IFLA Artificial Intelligence (AI) Special Interest Group in collaboration with the University of Chile and Library of the National Congress of Chile are pleased to announce the upcoming international symposium on AI and Libraries. The symposium is also held in conjunction with the 10th Congress of University and Specialized Libraries, the region’s leading library conference.

    Innovations are opportunities

    23 January 2023

      IFLA's Information Technology (IT) Section and IFLA's newest Special Interest Group, the Artificial Intelligence SIG review the latest innovations in libraries. From building design to big data, single sign-on to virtual reality, read IT and AI SIG's overview of the top current innovations along with what is to come.

      IFLA Information Technology Section + IFLA Strategy: cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, future?

      11 May 2022

        With an eye to disseminating information technology programmes and initiatives in a useful and practical way, IFLA’s Information Technology Section is actively engaging with relevant topics to support the sharing of best practices across IFLA’s membership and the global library field. These initiatives are closely aligned to the IFLA Key Initiative 2.3 “Develop standards, guidelines, and other materials that foster best professional practice”.

        Exploratory meeting : formation of an IFLA Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence

        24 November 2021

          Artificial intelligence applications are increasingly a part of the library space: in chatbots, embedded in library systems, used for automated indexing and classification, and integral to robots.  The IT Section in the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions is sponsoring the formation of a Special Interest Group in AI (AI SIG).

          Webinar - Library RDM Services: where are we now?

          22 July 2021

            There is no doubt that data is an imperative in conducting research towards the creation of new knowledge and science. Therefore, good research data management practices forms part of the research process ensuring validity and reliability of research data. As we know, it is a requirement by many publishers and funders these days to share the research data. Since academic libraries play a vital role in supporting the pillars of their parent universities, the uptake of research data management services in response to supporting research trends has emerged.

            Professional Unit Virtual Event - Preservation of Digital Complex Objects

            17 November 2020

              Since the beginning of 21st century IT development have brought new forms of eBooks and complex objects for renewed and enhanced user / reader experience. These innovative cultural objects imply new challenges for preservation and conservation: how can we archive device dependent multimedia, interactive systems, or information flows? Does new data technologies open new possibilities for long-term conservation?