IFLA is the global voice of libraries, representing the interests of the profession and working to improve services worldwide. We benefit from a strong membership, a vibrant professional community, and close collaboration with partners.

The IFLA brand is synonymous with trust and global expertise in the library and information sector and beyond. These guidelines set out how IFLA should be represented clearly and consistently inside and outside the Federation, on every occasion. IFLA monitors the usage of its name and brand regularly to ensure that it is represented in accordance with these guidelines.  Most uses of the IFLA name, acronym and logo require prior written approval by the IFLA Secretary General, or, in the case of policy and other statements, by the IFLA Governing Board. This ensures that IFLA’s name and logo can be used consistently to continue to strengthen IFLA for the benefit of our members and partners.

IFLA’s primary objectives for agreeing to IFLA Branding through use of our name or logo are:

  1. To help IFLA achieve its mission to be the global voice of the library and information profession, or to assist member organisations in achieving their mission.
  2. To fulfil a specific need related to current IFLA goals and objectives, or to contribute in a significant way to the cooperating organisation, and to ensure that IFLA’s name and any other resources are used effectively.
  3. For mutual benefit within an endorsed reciprocal partner relationship.
  4. Where specified in the IFLA Statutes and Rules of Procedure.

The following are the exclusive property of IFLA:

  • The IFLA logo
  • The full name of IFLA in any of our official languages
  • The acronym IFLA, when used in the context of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, and its activities relating to librarianship and information work, or products and services for librarianship and information work. The acronym of IFLA may not be changed in any language translations.

Any formal relationships which permit the other organisation to use the name of IFLA on an ongoing basis must be based on a written agreement pursuant to which IFLA retains control of the use of its name. Such agreements may only be made by the Governing Board or the Secretary General.

Formal relationships with other organisations or business enterprises do not necessarily imply IFLA endorsement of their policies, products, or services.

Usage of the name, acronym and logo within IFLA or on IFLA’s behalf

The Secretary General’s permission is required for the use of IFLA’s logo, acronym and name in the promotion, branding or endorsement of activities, events, products, services, academic and training programmes in the case of:

  • Events co-hosted, co-organised, sponsored or supported by IFLA or one of its units, provided the nature, purpose and programme outline are acceptable in terms of IFLA’s mission and core values. Participation by an IFLA representative is not usually sufficient to grant permission for an event. [Examples: regional or specialised seminars and conferences.]
  • Products sold or distributed on behalf of IFLA to raise funds for or awareness of IFLA, provided the nature and design of these products are acceptable to IFLA in terms of IFLA’s mission and core values and IFLA receives part or all of the profits. [Examples: T-shirts and memorabilia, books]
  • Services offered with the endorsement of IFLA, provided these are acceptable to IFLA in terms of IFLA’s mission and core values. [Examples: library tours, IFLA interlending vouchers].

Usage of the name, acronym and logo by IFLA units

  • The name, acronym and logo of IFLA should be used by IFLA units when referring to the name, publications or activities of the unit.
  • Content that originates in an IFLA unit, including guidelines, publications, standards and documents, should always have the acronym IFLA together with the full name or acronym of the unit.
  • In cases of doubt, units should contact the Secretary General for further guidance on usage of the name and logo.

Adaptations of the IFLA logo may be made and used for specific purposes, such as the identification and marketing of the annual congress, only with the explicit permission of the Governing Board. External organisations may not modify the logo in any way.

The use of a logo for IFLA units that includes the name of the unit has been approved. For example:

Download the IFLA Professional Units corporate identity usage guidelines and IFLA Regional Units corporate identity guidelines for more information.

Usage of the name, acronym and logo by external organisations

The name and acronym of IFLA may not be used to imply endorsement by IFLA of any events, conferences, products or services. For such usage, including printed materials, websites, or any other usage the prior written permission of the Secretary General is required. Academic and training programmes not initiated or sponsored by IFLA will not be endorsed by IFLA and must not use the IFLA name or logo.

Usage of the name, acronym and logo for endorsement of statements, policies or other advocacy purposes

The name and acronym of IFLA may not be used to imply endorsement of statements issued by external organisations unless the following process is followed to both inform and seek endorsement for policy actions:

  • The statement to be supported by IFLA shall be submitted to IFLA Headquarters for due diligence, to ensure that it does not contradict any existing IFLA statements or priorities;
  • Following review and guidance from appropriate experts, the Governing Board will decide whether or not the statement should be supported by IFLA;
  • If the Governing Board agrees, IFLA will lend its support to the statement and grant permission for use of IFLA’s name and logo.

Inadmissible usage

The name, acronym and logo of IFLA shall not be used by unrelated organisations or for unrelated issues or when approval has been denied.

Process for requesting permission to use IFLA’s name or logo

To request permission, you should contact us at [email protected], providing as much detail and notice as possible.

Decision-making responsibility

The Secretary General may forward issues to the Governing Board, if required. The ultimate responsibility for the use of the name, acronym and logo of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions rests with the IFLA Governing Board.

If you have any further queries please contact: [email protected].

Approved by the Governing Board of IFLA, August 2014
Amended February 2022