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Safer Internet Day in Lithuanian Libraries

9 February 2021

    Every February, libraries around the world support and take part in the Safer Internet Day campaign - to raise awareness and organise learning opportunities to help young people navigate the internet safely and confidently. Jolita Steponaitienė, the President of Lithuanian Librarian‘s Association, offers a look at how libraries in Lithuania continue to champion Safer Interent Day initiatives in 2021.

    Safer Internet Day: Experiences in Latvian Libraries

    9 February 2021

      Every February, many countries celebrate and organise events dedicated to Safer Internet Day. Promoting digital literacy - including the fundamentals of online safety and privacy - has long been an important part of many libraries’ offer. So how can libraries support the Safer Internet Day campaign – and why should they take part? To offer a look from Latvia – a country where libraries have been championing Safer Internet Days for many years – Inga Niedra from the Latvian Culture Information Systems Centre shared some insights.