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Helping every library work with the SDGs: Interview with Nathalice Cardoso

17 January 2022

    The United Nations 2030 Agenda is not just a document for governments, rather it sets out responsibilities for everyone, including libraries! However, it is not always easy to make the connection between high-level policy documents and day-to-day library operations. We interviewed Natalice Cardoso, to find out about her work in engaging libraries in questions around the Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals

    IFLA Trend Report 2021 Update released!

    6 January 2022

      IFLA is happy to share the 2021 Update of its Trend Report, based on the ideas submitted by emerging library leaders ahead of our World Library and Information Congress. We invite you to look through, and think how these trends will interact and impact upon our institutions, our profession and our communities.