Today we have issued a request for proposal for an author or authors to prepare a starting point report for the next IFLA Trend Report. The call is open for two weeks, until 8 December 2023. 

IFLA’s original Trend Report was published in 2013, offering a key reference point for the field in thinking to the future. We are now preparing for a new edition, providing a new snapshot of key trends – and the interactions between them – that are likely to shape the world libraries and librarians operate in over the coming years.

The request for proposals issued today aims to identify an author or author team who can carry out a vital first stage of this work, exploring both the kind of trends already identified by such reports in other areas, and looking at potential new trends that will affect how information is created, shared and applied.

Potential applicants can find more in the full request. Any questions and formal responses should be addressed to