As a membership organisation, all major decisions are made by our Members. As such, a significant benefit of IFLA membership is the right to vote on important strategic decisions.

Key decisions for Members concern IFLA’s Statutes and membership fees. IFLA’s governance rules are designed to maximise the possibilities for Members to have their voice heard in wider decision-making, and so you may also be consulted on other issues through ballots and surveys.

Each type of Member/Affiliate has different possibilities to vote and nominate – these are set out in IFLA’s Statutes and on our Become a Member pages. Check these to see what possibilities you have.

The main times for exercising your voting and nomination rights are at IFLA’s elections, which take place every two years, and at our annual General Assemblies. In both cases, there is the option to vote remotely. The possibility to vote in person or by proxy is also available at our General Assembly. Your voice will be heard.