Strategic Programme on Preservation and Conservation (PAC)

Established in 1984

The IFLA Strategic Programme on Preservation and Conservation (PAC) was officially created during the IFLA annual conference in Nairobi in 1984 to focus efforts on issues of preservation and initiate worldwide cooperation for the preservation of library materials. The PAC programme was effectively launched in Vienna during the 1986 Conference on the Preservation of Library Materials co-organized by the Conference of the Directors of National Libraries, IFLA and UNESCO.

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PAC (Preservation and Conservation), Strategic Programmes

Last update: 6 August 2015

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3 August 2016

Blue Shield Statement on Palmyra issued today

Blue Shield In the latest Statement of the Blue Shield, the organisation welcomes the removal of Da’esh from the World Heritage Site of Palmyra and stresses that it stands ready to support and stand together with Syrian colleagues to work on stabilising the site and prepare it for the future.

22 April 2016