IFLA Data Protection Policy


The Dutch Data Protection Act (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens -Wbp) addresses the handling of personal data. The Wbp is the Dutch interpretation of the European Parliament and Council Directive on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data. Since 2001 the Wbp is applicable for every organisation based in the Netherlands.

IFLA is based in the Netherlands and for its daily functioning collects and processes data of its members and of those active in IFLA's Professional Units (e.g. Standing Committees, Core Activities). IFLA therefore is obliged to comply with the Wbp.

  • IFLA Data Protection Policy Full Text [PDF]
  • Data Protection Registration Form for IFLA Members [DOC] | [PDF]
  • Data Protection Registration Form for those who are active in IFLA's Professional Units [DOC] | [PDF]
  • Data Protection Registration Form for other IFLA relations [DOC] | [PDF]

From January 2011, IFLA HQ will send all IFLA members and those active in IFLA's Professional Units a form to indicate his/ her unambiguous consent for IFLA to use their data for the benefit of the organisation. This form will also be made available online.

Once the consent process is settled IFLA data (names and contact details) can be used as follows:

  • Publication on the IFLA website and in the IFLA Directory of the contact details of IFLA Officers, the Standing Committee members, the SIG Conveners, the Core Activity Officers and extended IFLA Staff;
  • Publication of name and country details of (new) IFLA members on the IFLA website, in the applicable IFLA Sections' newsletters, and in IFLA journal;
  • Publication of the full IFLA members list in a closed Members Only Section on the website (due for 2nd half 2011);
  • Sale of member details is not allowed.

The IFLA Data Protection Policy is endorsed by the IFLA Governing Board, and legally complies with the Wbp.

For any questions relating the Data Protection Policy, please contact [email protected]

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Last update: 27 April 2011