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Library visits


Libraries in Gothenburg, the Region of Västra Götaland, Härryda and the Region of Halland

Gothenburg City Library, by Mikael Persson

Gothenburg Public Library,
© Mikael Persson

There are a number of interesting libraries in Gothenburg and the greater Gothenburg region. Within the city borders there are more than 30 libraries and several are within walking distance of the Congress Centre.

The libraries in the region are world-leading in the area of accessibility. Gothenburg's International Mobile Library was recently named Mobile Library of the Year. The library at the Queen Silvia Children's Hospital recently won the Library of the Year award.

New this year is that all IFLA delegates are offered the opportunity to make spontaneous visits to various libraries during the conference week.  Visits to libraries with guided tours are of course also possible.  The central location of the Congress Centre makes this easy. This is a presentation of all the libraries in the city of Gothenburg and in the region. For information on public transport see Västtrafik, www.vasttrafik.se


Last update: 12 May 2010