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Poster Sessions


12 February 2010
Deadline for receipt at IFLA Headquarters of the application form and a detailed description of the poster session.

Early April 2010
IFLA Headquarters will inform applicants of the final decision of the Professional Committee.

The poster sessions (session 92 and 113) will be held on 12 and 13 August 2010 from 12:00 - 14:00 in the exhibition hall.

Information for Poster Presenters

Poster presentations

  1. ---
  2. African Water Information and Documentation System (African WIS)
    Presenter: Kabou Kamboukadio, Burkina Faso
  3. World scientific production on vector control and dengue: a bibliometric analysis 1981-2006
    Presenter: Marisol Guerra Pérez, Cuba
  4. ---
  5. Reaching The Community Through Social Networking
    Presenter: Sudi Q. Napalan, United States
  6. "Bilingual benefit"
    Presenter: Bo Westas, Sweden
  7. ---
  8. ---
  9. Opening Minds to Different Worlds
    Presenters: Wendy Ong, Singapore & Catherine Tan, Singapore
  10. Discovering the iceberg of Wiki systems
    Presenter: Shima Moradi, Iran, the Islamic Republic of
  11. Public Library Construction Standards in China
    Presenter: Xuan Liu, China
  12. Delivering the Goods: Health Librarianship by Distance in Rural Queensland, Australia
    Presenter: Jane Orbell-Smith, Australia
  13. Using D-Space and Web 2.0 for Addition More Library Service—from Institutional Repositories to University Archive
    Presenter: Li-Ping ku, China
  14. Learning with Media – Learning about Media: Lessons Learned in Media Literacy Education
    Presenter: Heike vom Orde, Germany
  15. Caterpillar Project in Burkina Faso
    Presenter: Ouedraogo Oumou, Burkina Faso
  16. ---
  17. Hungarian Public Libraries' actions to set up learning services for disadvantaged users
    Presenter: Ibolya Billédi, Hungary
  18. ---
  19. ---
  20. ---
  21. Illustrating Women's History on the Web: thematic portals
    Presenter: Marju Remes Castell, Sweden
  22. Digital CSIC: Opening access to premier scientific research in Spain
    Presenter: Isabel Bernal, Spain
  23. Open Access to Knowledge – Promoting Sustainable Progress
    Presenter: Kamani Perera, Sri Lanka
  24. Members support Members! A support fund as a marketing tool – even for smaller associations
    Presenter: Sabine Stummeyer, Germany
  25. América Latina – Portal Europeo: cooperation for the diffusion of European research on Latin America
    Presenter: Ana Svensson, Sweden
  26. Information Platform open-access.net: A Blueprint for Promoting Open Access (OA)
    Presenter: Oliver Kohl-Frey, Germany
  27. ---
  28. Training Students for Global Citizenship: Exploring the role of academic Libraries in Study Abroad programs
    Presenters: Kayo Denda, United States & Myoung C. Wilson, United States
  29. Academic Research Information for Developing Countries – an attempt to improve the information skills of returning developing country students and researchers
    Presenters: Anna Stockman, Sweden & Anders Wändahl, Sweden
  30. ---
  31. ---
  32. Open Access Initiatives in Africa
    Presenter: Lindi Nhlapo, South Africa
  33. ---
  34. Kirjasampo – a semantic web 2.0 service for fiction
    Presenter: Kaisa Hypén, Finland
  35. Review of Classroom library in Iran and its affects in social education students
    Presenter: Abdoulrasoul Khosravi, Iran, the Islamic Republic of
  36. ---
  37. JIST Open Access E-Print Archive: "Live" knowledge instead of obsolete documents by "E-Prints"
    Presenters: Nadia Haji-Azizi, Iran, the Islamic Republic of & Sirous Alidousti, Iran, the Islamic Republic of
  38. Making the vision of a Global Accessible Library a reality
    Presenter: Jenny Craven, United Kingdom & Miina von Zansen, Finland
  39. Access to Electronic Health Knowledge in India
    Presenter: Sangeeta Narang, India
  40. ---
  41. Finnish youth library work – Alive and online (together wit a workgroup)
    Presenter: Ulla Pötsönen, Finland
  42. On the democratization of archives' and libraries' content: "A map of knowledge"
    Presenter: Eleni Mamma, Greece
  43. ---
  44. Realizing Open Access through the Cyber Genealogy Library Construction of Paik Inje Memorial Library in Inje University, Korea
    Presenter: Park Jae Sup, Korea, Republic of
  45. All Possible Words for the Best of All Possible Worlds: Building Controlled Vocabularies for Taiwan's Ethnological Collections
    Presenters: Hsueh-hua Chen, China & Chiung-min Tsai, China & Ya-chen Ho, China
  46. Librarian or SUPER LIBRARIAN – What is needed from a librarian in today's digital surroundings?
    Presenter: Pirjo Sallméen, Finland
  47. Seeing eye to eye with the children in Denmark – Television and libraries working together
    Presenters: Maria Sjøblom, Denmark & Aalborg Bibliotekerne, Denmark
    Presenter: Liu su, China
  49. No man is an island: the development of collaboration between seven city district libraries in the City of Malmö in the south of Sweden
    Presenters: Jonas Bolding, Anette Mjöberg, and Susann Ek, Sweden
  50. A new library landscape in the Netherlands: strategy and innovation for progress
    Presenter: Marian Koren, Netherlands
  51. eBooks on Demand from European Libraries
    Presenter: Önne Mets, Estonia
  52. The Interlingual Library - opening up intercultural meeting places
    Presenter: Lisbeth Stenberg, Sweden
  53. Open Access to Legal Knowledge
    Presenter: Edita Bačić, Croatia
  54. The "Rubén Martinez Villena" Provincial Library of Havana City and its half century library services
    Presenter: Miguel Viciedo Valdés, Cuba
  55. The information competencies in the biosciences: a study from the Cuban university
    Presenter: Marlery Sánchez Diaz, Cuba
  56. Improving Access to Health Information: the Emerging Role of Medical Librarians
    Presenter: Princess Uju E. Nwafor-Orizu, Nigeria
  57. Growing Up or Getting Lost – how to find subject headings for children's books and how to find children's books by subject headings. A project working for open access to knowledge
    Presenter: Marta Hedener, Sweden
  58. All Access to Fiction: Subject Indexing, the Swedish Model
    Presenter: Harriet Aagaard, Sweden
  59. LIBRARY SAVES YOUR MONEY! - Financial Literacy Workshops for the Public
    Presenter: Vesna Vucsan, Republic of Serbia
  60. ---
  61. Sustain our progress through recruiting new professionals with diverse backgrounds - A progress report on the U.S. Federal Funded Librarian Recruitment Programs
    Presenter: Sha Li Zhang, United States
  62. ---
  63. Leisure reading, listening, viewing and playing: Popular books, audio books, video and videogames in academic libraries
    Presenter: Christy A. Donaldson, United States
  64. University Libraries' Role in e-Research
    Presenters: Mirja Iivonen, Finland & Anne Lehto, Finland & Leena Toivonen, Finland & Johanna Tevaniemi, Finland
  65. Adopt a Student!
    Presenter: Shaked Spier, Germany
  66. Health Information Under Library Parasols - Promoting Healthcare Issues in Different way
    Presenter: Dijana Sabolović-Krajina, Croatia
  67. Enhancing access to local content: A case study of the University of Zimbabwe Library Institutional Repository
    Presenter: Agnes Chokonzo, Zimbabwe
  68. The Multifaceted Role of The Library in Opening Access to The University's Research Output - Case Helsinki University Library
    Presenter: Veera Ristikartano, Finland
  69. ---
  70. ---
  71. The Swedish Literature Bank
    Presenter: Mats Malm, Sweden
  72. Creating Global Community of Library Users with Open-Hybrid Taxonomy and Folksonomy
    Presenter: Alka Bhatnagar, United States
  73. "Reading across borders" - www.readingacreossborders.org
    Presenter: Verónica Abud, Chile
  74. Managing the resources of the best evidence
    Presenter: Somrux Shapong, Thailand
  75. ---
  76. Using mashups to promote services and encourage user interaction
    Presenter: Michael Paulus, United Kingdom
  77. Gulf Cooperation Council's Countries' Libraries
    Presenter: Suzanne D. Gyeszly, Qatar
  78. Party Education in Nakhon Ratchasima: Case of Nakhon Ratchasima Information Network (NARINET)
    Presenter: Boonchai Wichitsathian, Thailand
  79. A Modern Library in an Old Building - Open access to the most famous historical library collection in Germany
    Presenter: Barbara Schneider-Kempf, Germany
  80. Assessing Community Users in an Academic Library
    Presenters: Wanda V. Dole, United States & John B. Hill, United States
  81. ---
  82. Celebrating Support Teen Literature Day at Tribal Schools through Operation Teen Book Drop 2010
    Presenter: Loriene Roy, United States
  83. Special Subject Collection and Virtual Library: Central access to scientific information - print & online - on Scandinavia
    Presenter: Eiken Friedrichsen, Germany
  84. IFLA Activities in Latin America and the Caribbean
    Presenter: Elizabet Maria Ramos de Carvalho, Brazil
  85. User generated content: an open access path to achieving sustainable quality of reference service at the University library "Svetozar Markovic" in Belgrade
    Presenter: Stela Filipi Matutinovic, Republic of Serbia
  86. The Knot-project. Preparing the way to new partnership between research groups and the library
    Presenter: Raisa Iivonen, Finland
  87. Theseus Encourages Enterprises to Open Access
    Presenters: Eeva Klinga-Hyöty, Finland & Hanna Lahtinen, Finland & Kaisa Rissanen, Finalnd
  88. ---
  89. ---
  90. The Activity of Medical Libraries in Uzbekistan that Supports Free Access to Health Information
    Presenter: Faina Bolkunova, Uzbekistan
  91. Transforming space
    Presenter: Iri Isopoussu, Finalnd
  92. Play the PRB - Library Development Program in Poland
    Presenter: Jolanyta Jezowska, Poland
  93. Laptop services for senior citizens
    Presenters: Roberto Corsini, Finland & Paula Laaksonen, Finland
  94. Preserving unique Latvian documentary heritage: the Latvian National Register of the UNESCO "Memory of the World" Programme
    Presenter: Inese Auzina Smith, United Kingdom
  95. Continuing Professional Development for University Librarians, Five Universities work together!
    Presenter: Margareta Junghage, Sweden
  96. New booktalk concept
    Presenter: Jori Hellstedt, Finland
  97. The pilot project Vergilius - a navigational information system for the blind and visually impaired
    Presenter: Dunja Marija Gabriel, Croatia
  98. Scientific articles in nursing
    Presenter: Grete Mortensen, Norway
  99. Sharing knowledge by networking - Information literacy instructors promote open access in Finnish universities
    Presenters: Päivi Helminen, Finland & Kirsi Luukkanen, Finalnd & Tuula Ruhanen, Finland & Helena Silvennoinen-Kuikka, Finland & Eva Costiander-Huldéen, Finland
  100. Classification for children: Navigation to Nippon Decimal Classification by link
    Presenter: Shiho Suzuki, Japan
  101. "Universal sharing and universal participation" in the promotion of reading solution: the application in customization of Chinese digital library
    Presenters: Xiaowen Ding, China & Yongmei Li, China
  102. Performance measurement: how to deal with evaluation of benefits and value of your library
    Presenters: Viveca Nyström, Sweden & Linnéa Sjögren, Sweden
  103. Wisecat: Participation, collaboration and sharing serial analysis tool in South Korea
    Presenters: Hyesun Kim, Korea Republic of
  104. Free Access to the Mobile Library Service (LG Digital Talking Book Library) for the Print Disabled in Korea
    Presenter: Kyung-Jae Bae, Korea, Republic of
  105. Webometric Analysis of Women's Health Information Based on Web Resources
    Presenter: S. Ravikumar, India
  106. Open Information of Dibrary Portal
    Presenter Eun Young Ryu, Korea, Republic of
  107. A Virtual Library (VL) in Science, Technology and Innovation and Open Access Functionalities: initiatives to improve free access to information through search engines and other resouces
    Presenter: Rosaly Favero Krzyzanowski, Brazil
  108. BOOK
    Presenter: Dejan Podlipec, Town Library Karlo Bijelicki, Republic of Serbia
  109. Avellaneda Library System Project: reducing the digital divide
    Presenter: Nancy Digiacomo, Argentina
  110. Biblio-Aidants: selected information for caregivers
    Presenter Eve Lagacé, Canada
  111. Issues and Opinions Project
    Presenter: Tarek Hassan Ahmed, Egypt
  112. The Cité de la santé, an open access health information centre based on partnership
    Presenter: Tù-Tâm Nguyen, France
  113. Ukrainian Library Association - The Leader in Reshaping Continuing Library and Information Science Education in Ukraine
    Presenter: Valentyna Pashkova, Ukraine & Iryna Shevchenko, Ukraine
  114. Bring out the reindeers - Swedish classification goes global
    Presenter: Magdalena Svanberg, Sweden
  115. Youth Culture in Copenhagen Libraries
    Presenter: Kirsten Egebo, Denmark
  116. Heading for Joint Standards: Added Values for German Open Access Repositories
    Presenters: Stefan Buddenbohm, Germany & Maxi Kindling, Germany
  117. We are all different, and yet we are similar
    Presenters: Kristian Ujlaki, Croatia & Josipa Strmečki, Croatia
  118. Labs.kirjastof.fi - A Finnish Library Laboratory
    Presenter: Antti Pakarinen, Finland
  119. Tools for Proliferation of Korean Scholarly Activities
    Presenter: You Beom-Jong, Korea, Republic of
  120. "MEDIA SCOUT" - A new orientation and guidance system of the Philological Library of the Free University of Berlin
    Presenter: Klaus Ulrich Werner, Germany
  121. Health Corners - a partnership to deliver health information through public libraries in Tanzania
    Presenters: Lucy Reid, United Kingdom & Rehema Chande-Mallya, Tanzania
  122. Finnish Information services for research of Russia and Eastern Europe
    Presenter: Esa Hakala, Finland
  123. Promotion of Arts in reading - new forms of reading promotion for children
    Presenter: Christina Stenberg, Sweden
  124. Share.TEC - teacher education resources
    Presenters: Karin Skog, Sweden & Erik Axdorph
  125. Novel virtual and physical spaces challenge libraries to promote media literacy
    Presenter: Teemu Rauhala, Finland
  126. Enhancing Equal Access to Information - the National Library of Finland in cooperation with the Library Network
    Presenter: Kristiina Hormia-Putanen & Annu Jauhiainen & Paivi Jokitalo, Finland
  127. Let the Roma (word) be heard: programs and activities organized by the Rijeka City
    Presenter Marija Segota-Novak, Croatia
  128. Joint Courses for LIS-Students and Practitioners at the Stuttgart Media Univeristy
    Presenter: Cornelia Vonhof, Germany
  129. IFLA/FAIFE Internet Manifesto workshops and its impact in the local populations: the case of Peru, Philippines and Russia
    Presenter: Loida Garcia-Febo, United States
  130. Le Portail numérique "La France au Brésil" un projet collaboratif entre la Bibliothèque nationale de France et la Bibliothèque nationale du Brésil
    Presenter Angela Maria Monteiro Bettencourt, Brazil
  131. Health Information seeking Behaviour of Urban Poor: the case from Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Presenter: Dilara Begum, Bangladesh
  132. ---
  133. ---
  134. Multicultural library services in rural areas
    Presenter: Elin Golten, Norway
  135. Biblionet Opens Free Access to Information for Romanians
    Presenter Anca-Cristina Rapeanu, Romania
  136. iCampus goes Library - Advantages of Using a Multimedia Guide in a Library
    Presenter: Janett Mohnke, Germany
  137. ---
  138. ---
  139. Improving Book Tagging via a Faceted Structure: An experimental study
    Presenter: Yi-Chen Chen, Taiwan, China
  140. "We are an Association. What's next?": - ANBPR's Café Opens Dialog for Sustainable Development
    Presenter: Dragos Adrian Neagu, Romania & Cristina Vaileanu, Romania
  141. ---
  142. Guiding Libraries through the EU Funding Jungle: a National Consulting Service for Libraries at Work
    Presenter Birgit Stumm, Germany
  143. Supporting access to journal articles from pre-print to out-to-print
    Presenter Adam Rusbridge, United Kingdom
  144. The Library Search Engine: Meeting library user needs by exposing hidden information resources
    Presenter Sascha Szott, Germany
  145. Cataloguing Electronic Resources between Theory and Practice - The appearance of free available Scholarly Open Access Publications in Library Catalogues Worldwide in the Example of Hybrid Publications
    Presenter: Maria Staufenbiel, Germany & Aline Hötzeldt, Germany
  146. ---
  147. The global Biodiversity Heritage Library: A transformative experience
    Presenter: Constance Rinaldo, United States
  148. ---
  149. The Humboldtforum in Berlin - planning cooperation between library and museum
    Presenter: Claudia Lux, Germany
  150. ---
  151. ---
  152. Combating Against HIV/AIDS: DAISY for South Africa
    Presenter: Hiroshi Kawamura, Japan
  153. ---
  154. From Lisbon to Rio: 200 years of the National Library of Brazil
    Presenter: Monica Rizzo Soares Pinto, Brazil & Jaime Spinelli Júnior, Brazil
  155. How hard is it for librarians to change old habits?
    Presenters: Claudia Serbanuta, United States & Delia Pantea, Romania & Valentin Smedescu, Romania
  156. ---
  157. Delivering Information Services to Nuclear Physicists in a multi-disciplinary research laboratory in South Africa
    Presenter: Naomi Haasbroek, South Africa – see poster #160
  158. "Benefiting from a unique situation" - Experiences within an ERASMUS Intensive Programme at the Berlin School of Library and Information Science
    Presenters: Jana Rumler, Germany & Katja Metz, Germany & Michael Backhaus, Germany & Heike Wilhelm, Germany
  159. The Global Impact Study Inventory and Web Application
    Presenter: Chris Rothschild, United States
  160. ---
  161. Local Elections, Campaign Literature and Diverse Communities: Access Issues & Sustainable Solutions
    Presenters: Yolanda Blue, United States & Sylvia Curtis, United States & Elaine McCracken, United States
  162. Libraries and Health Workers: Partnering and Collaborating to Support Free Access to Health Information in Nigeria
    Presenter: Ngozi B. Ukachi, Nigeria
  163. A new development of young adult service at gadget era
    Presenter: Miki F. Fujikawa, Japan
  164. II Seminario Latinoamericano y Caribeñode los Servicios Bibliotecarios para Ciegos y Débiles Visuale
    Presenter: Marilia Mesquita Guedes Pereira, Brazil
  165. ---
  166. Consumer Health Web Portal Integrated Navigation
    Presenters: Wooseob Jeong, United States & Hope A. Olson, United States
  167. Collaboration to Create a Scientific Knowledge Ecosystem
    Presenter: Juliette Goetzee, Netherlands
  168. ---
  169. "Por una vejez sana y feliz"
    Presenter: Maricela Corvo de Armas, Cuba
  170. European Strategy for Multicultural Education - ESME / Libraries for ALL
    Presenter: Randi Myhre, Sweden
  171. Using social media to inspire dialogue
    Presenters: Linnéa Sjögren, Sweden & Rebecca Hansson, Sweden & Maria Nilsson, Sweden & Daniella Brummer-Pind, Sweden
  172. The construction of a speech: the content analysis based on the series "My history of the tobacco it is this" to Julio Bello Aguabella
    Presenter: Naydelin Sánchez Ortega, Cuba
  173. Libraries without frontiers: a form of access to scientific information
    Presenters: Lucila Martinez, Mexico & Pablo Carrasco, Mexico
  174. ---
  175. ---
  176. The Library Leadership Train: How to Get Your Principal Onboard
    Presenter: Maureen White, United States
  177. Widening access in special collections: A case study at Manchester Metropolitan University
    Presenter: Lietta Missaggia, United Kingdom
  178. Library-user collaboration for new national bibliography
    Presenter: Lobel Machala, Croatia
  179. An investigation of the important elements that may make community engagement work in public libraries: An exploratory qualitative research study
    Presenter: Hui-Yun Sung, United Kingdom

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