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Satellite Meetings

The following satellite meetings were approved by IFLA's Professional Committee at its meeting on 30 November 2009


Building strong communities: unleashing the potential of public libraries to build community capacity, engagement and identity
Dates: 7-10 August 2010
Location: Malmö, Sweden
Contact person: Ruth Ornholt, Ruth.Ornholt@post.hfk.no
Website: http://www.satellitemalmo.org
Sponsors: IFLA's Public Library Section
Co-sponsors: The Regional Library Scania; Malmö City Library and the Swedish Arts Council
Open Access to Science, Medical and Technical Information: Trends, Models and Strategies for Libraries
Dates: 6-8 August 2010
Location: Chania, Crete, Greece
Contact person: Janet Webster, janet.webster@oregonstate.edu
Website: http://www.ifla-sat-chania.com/home.html
Sponsors: IFLA's Science and Technology Libraries and Health and Biosciences Sections
Co-sponsor: The Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis International Society-ASMDA
New techniques for old documents - Scientific examination methods in the service of preservation and book history
Dates: 16-18 August 2010
Location: Uppsala, Sweden
Contact person: Per Cullhed, per.cullhed@ub.uu.se
Website: http://www.ub.uu.se/en/Just-now/Conferences-and-seminars/2010/IFLA-2010-Satellite-meeting/
Sponsors: IFLA's Preservation and Conservation and Rare Books and Manuscripts Sections
Co-sponsors: Uppsala university library and Riksbankens jubileumsfond
Building Bridges for Children's Access Rights; Effective cooperation of children's and school libraries
Dates: 16-17 August 2010
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Contact person: Ingrid Bon, ingrid.bon@biblioservice.nl
Website: --
Sponsors: IFLA's Library Services for Children and Young Adults and School and other Resource Centres Sections
Co-sponsor: International Association of School Libraries
Libraries in a Multicultural Society - Possibilities for the future
Dates: 17-18 August 2010 (with possible visits on 19 August)
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Contact person: Mijin Kim, mijin.kim@lac-bac.gc.ca
Website: http://www.iflacopenhagen.com
Sponsors: IFLA's Library Services to Multicultural Populations Section and Indigenous Matters Special Interest Group
Co-sponsors: Copenhagen Public Libraries; Danish Library Centre for Integration
Cooperation and Collaboration in Teaching and Research Trends in Library and Information Studies Education
Dates: 8-9 August 2010
Location: Borås, Sweden
Contact person: Gillian Hallam, g.hallam@qut.edu.au
Website: http://www.hb.se/bhs/ifla
Sponsors: Education and Training and Library Theory and Research Sections
Co-sponsors: Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE); European Association for Library and Information Science Education and Research (EUCLID);
Open Access and the Changing Role of Libraries
Dates: 9 August 2010
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Contact person: Jan Hagerlid, Jan.Hagerlid@kb.se
Website: http://www.kb.se/aktuellt/utbildningar/2010/Open-Access-and-the-Changing-Role-of-Libraries/
Sponsor: IFLA Information and Technology Section
Co-sponsors: National Library of Sweden
The global librarian
Dates: 9 August 2010
Location: Borås, Sweden
Contact person: Loida Garcia-Febo, loidagarciafebo@gmail.com
Website: http://npsig.wordpress.com/the-global-librarian/
Sponsors: IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group and Management of Library
Associations Section
Open access to parliamentary information
Dates: 7-9 August 2010
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Contact person: Moira Fraser, preifla10@riksdagen.se
Website: www.riksdagen.se/preifla10
Sponsor: Library and Research Services for Parliaments Section
Co-sponsor: Swedish Parliament
Information literacy: context, community, culture
Dates: 8-9 August 2010
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Contact person: Sheila Webber, S.Webber@sheffield.ac.uk
PDF file: details
Sponsor: IFLA Information Literacy Section
With the Right to Read
Dates: 7-9 August 2010
Location: Oslo, Norway
Contact person: Tone Moseid, tone@moseid.com
Website: http://www.abm-utvikling.no/bibliotek/with-the-right-to-read.html
Sponsors: IFLA Library Services to People with Special Needs; Libraries Serving People
with Print Disabilities; Literacy and Reading Sections
Co-sponsors: The International DAISY Consortium, The International Network for Easy to Read
Marketing Libraries in a Web 2.0 world
Dates: 7-8 August 2010
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Contact persons: Réjean Savard rejean.savard@umontreal.ca,
Eva Enarson eva.enarson@sub.su.se,
and Raymond Bérard berard@abes.fr
Website: http://www.sub.su.se/ifla/start.htm
Sponsors: IFLA Management and Marketing Section
Next Generation Users - Next Generation Services - Next Generation Information Professionals
Dates: 7-9 August 2010
Location: Aalborg, Denmark
Contact person: Bodil Wöhnert bwohnert@mail.tdcadsl.dk
Website: http://www.dbf.dk/aalborg-preconference
Sponsors: IFLA's Reference and Information Services; Academic and Research Libraries; Genealogy and Local History Sections
Co-sponsors: support from the Danish Library Association
Measuring usage and understanding users! E-resources statistics and what they teach us
Dates: 8 August 2010
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Contact persons: Helen Adey helen.adey@ntu.ac.uk and Ann Okerson ann.okerson@yale.edu
Webstite: http://www.sub.su.se/iflastatistics/start.htm
Sponsors: IFLA's Serials and Other Continuing Resources; and Statistics and Evaluation Sections
The future of school libraries in a national and international perspective
Dates: 9 August 2010
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Contact person: Fredrik Ernerot preconf@skolbibliotek.se
Webstite: http://www.skolbibliotek.se/preconf2010.htm
Sponsor: IFLA's School Libraries and Resource Centers Section
Co-Sponsor: Swedish School Library Association

Last update: 20 July 2010