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The Section of School Libraries concerns itself with the improvement and development of school libraries and resource centres worldwide, especially advocacy for their qualified and adequate staffing. It provides an international forum for exchanging ideas, experiences, research results and advocacy.

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Last update: 2 April 2014

Latest News

School Libraries Section Meetings in Lyon at the WLIC

School Libraries Section has two exciting open sessions at the WLIC in Lyon – don’t forget to add them into your schedule.

4 August 2014

School Libraries Section Mid Term Meeting Minutes

School Libraries Section Mid Term Meeting in London The Mid Term Meeting of the School Libraries Section was held in London in April 2014

12 May 2014

Call for Papers School Libraries Section - School Libraries on the agenda: Advocacy initiatives from around the World

This session will be a culmination and celebration of the IFLA-funded project, School Libraries on the Agenda, which is part of the BSLA (Building Strong Library Associations) initiative. In collaboration with the International Association of School Librarianship, the School Libraries Section developed online training materials to support associations and other agencies and individuals in their work to develop and improve school library services.

17 December 2013