If education makes a difference, quality education – thanks to a functioning school library, too – does make a difference even bigger! This is what impact studies on school libraries and students’ learning outcomes, academic attainment and achievement prove (visit, for instance, resources in LRS – Library Research Service). Qualified, well-trained and motivated full-time school librarians are key to higher student reading scores and multiple literacies. Nevertheless, basic school instruction is still a big challenge in too many countries or areas and, when it comes to the school library, this is simply a dream, something that is far away from the very beating heart of the school and a bridge between the school and the local community.

The original Manifesto was endorsed by UNESCO in 1999, was translated and spread across the globe, helping school library professionals, associations and groups to have their say in implementing “A Library in Every School”, promoting quality school library programmes for all, and contributing to social, cultural, personal growth, inclusion and well-being.

The IFLA School Library Manifesto (2021) is available in the IFLA Repository.

Author: Luisa Marquardt, IFLA School Libraries Section Chair [email protected]