About the Library Publishing Special Interest Group

Library Publishing, in an increasing number of mostly electronic forms and formats, has been on the rise over this decade. Buzz and excitement surround a growing assumption that ;publishing is in some way and to some extent a critical function for the library of the future. Much - though not all - of this activity is driven by a desire to advance open access, as well as to meet local needs related to the creation and dissemination of scholarship.

How should libraries get involved? What sorts of libraries? Should libraries act as formal publishers or should they focus on informal hosting and support (for example, via institutional repositories)? Will library publishing continue to grow and be sustainable? What resources will be required? How many libraries, in what countries of the world, are active in this area? How can they be helpful to one another?

LibPub Mailing List

The purpose of this evolving speicial interest group is to support IFLA members' work, as it relates to library publishing activities worldwide. Via LibPub, we will disribute information about the activities of the group and share news and information about library publishing and practices around the world. The group aims to support both startups and existing activities, tying directly to IFLA's Global Vision opportunities in championing access to information, updating traditional roles, serving our communities, and serving as advocates for libraries' central role in society.

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Library Publishing

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