2 Junio 2009

IFLA and Libraries of the World

 Jennefer Nicholson at the Helsinki seminarIFLA Secretary General Jennefer Nicholson, and Sinikka Sipilä, Chair of MLAS and Secretary General of the Finnish Library Association participated in a seminar regarding IFLA this past January in Helsinki, Finland. 

Seminar presentations given at the Annex of the Library of  Parliament on 13.1.2009:

Jennefer Nicholson: IFLA International Federation of Library Associations: An Introduction (PDF-format)

Sinikka Sipilä: Experiences from IFLA and on Importance of IFLA

Päivi Pekkarinen: On the impact of IFLA on the Finnish Research Library field – a brief feature through the International Relations Group of the Finnish Research Library Association (PDF-format)

Organized by The Council of the Library Associations and the Library of the Parliament.  More information can be found at the Library of Parliament website.

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