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Palaces for the People: Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Public Library Manifesto

Today we are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the current edition of the Public Library Manifesto. This document, agreed by IFLA and the Member States of UNESCO, places public libraries at the heart of efforts to promote education, democracy and participation in culture.

29 Novembre 2019 | Access to information, Public Libraries, public library manifesto

Celebrating the Public Library Manifesto this Friday!

With only four days to go until the 25th Anniversary of the Public Library Manifesto, it’s the last moment to look at the tools and ideas IFLA has made available. With our advocacy pack, you can take the opportunity to celebrate the work and missions of public libraries.

25 Novembre 2019 | Public Libraries, Access to information, public library manifesto, UNESCO

International Day for the Universal Access to Information Endorsed by UN General Assembly

Four years after its creation by UNESCO, the International Day for the Universal Access to Information has been formally added to the United Nations calendar. In a resolution passed by the General Assembly, Heads of State and government, and their representatives, agreed that 28 September should be the opportunity to recall, and celebrate, the importance of this for development and democracy.

21 Novembre 2019 | Access to information, Access to knowledge, Development, UNESCO

UN Report on Public Spaces and Human Rights Highlights Place of Libraries

As public spaces, open to all members of the community, libraries enable people to exercise and enjoy their human rights. A new report from the UN Special Rapporteur on Cultural Rights highlights this role, and the conditions for it to be realised. It provides a useful advocacy tool for libraries.

13 Novembre 2019 | Public Libraries, Library as place, Minority groups, Public Libraries, public library manifesto

Libraries Act for the SDGs

​The Global Week of Action for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) comes to an end today. Libraries have been active in marking the week, as well as in the work they are doing from day to day work to deliver on the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

30 Septembre 2019 | LDP (Library Development Programme), Access to information, Libraries, Development and the United Nations 2030 Agenda, sustainable development goals

Culture Essential for SDG Success: IFLA Contributes to New Report

In the negotiations that led to the agreement of the 2030 Agenda in September 2015, a group of global organisations including IFLA drove the #culture2015goal campaign. A new report looks at the progress on incorporating culture into the SDGs since then, and relaunches the campaign as #culture2030goal.

24 Septembre 2019 | LDP (Library Development Programme), Access to information, Advocacy, Libraries for development, Sustainable development, UN SDGs, UN 2030 Agenda, #Culture2030Goal

UN Climate Summit: the Heritage Dimension

IFLA attended the session at the United Nations Climate Summit focused on heritage issues. With a strong focus both on the risks that climate heritage poses to all types of culture, but also the contribution that heritage can, in turn, make to our response, it was an opportunity to highlight the difference that libraries can make.

22 Septembre 2019 | LDP (Library Development Programme), Access to information, United States of America, Climate change, Cultural heritage

Making a Reality of Access to Legal Research to Deliver the SDGs: Interview with Latia Ward

Limited access to research not only prevents people in many countries from contributing to the latest thinking and innovations, but also means that they cannot apply this knowledge in their own societies. We interviewed Latia Ward, from Cornell University, to find out about GOALI - an initiative aimed at providing a solution.

19 Septembre 2019 | LDP (Library Development Programme), Access to information, Access to knowledge, Law Libraries

First Version of IFLA Toolkit on National Literacy and Reading Strategies Launched

On the occasion of the United Nations International Literacy Day (September 8), IFLA has formally published the first version of the IFLA Toolkit for National Literacy and Reading Strategies.

6 Septembre 2019 | Literacy and Reading, Access to information, Literacy, Reading, Advocacy

Support for Libraries as Drivers of Development Grows at United Nations

At the 2019 High Level Political Forum, governments, UN officials and civil society representatives heard about the ways in which libraries can deliver the Sustainable Development Goals. Through two side-events, participation in a Voluntary National Review, and interventions in other sessions, IFLA’s team, including the President and Secretary-General, spoke up for our institutions.

23 Juillet 2019 | Access to information, Advocacy, Development, Libraries for development, United States of America, UN SDGs, HLPF 2019, UN 2030 Agenda

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