About the Audiovisual and Multimedia Section

The Audiovisual and Multimedia Section (AVMS) is the international forum for persons working with non book media in every kind of library and information service. In this regard AVMS:

  • concerns itself extensively with all issues relating to sound, still and moving images and multimedia documents, including collection development, cataloguing, access and conservation, as well as services based upon them, such as children's libraries, language centres, and multimedia digital libraries delivered via the Internet.
  • promotes the development of specialist expertise regarding: sources and methods of acquisition; technical issues for carriers and equipment, whether current or historic; legal issues affecting the collection, transfer and delivery of documents; and media-specific rules and formats for cataloguing.
  • maintains relationships with relevant IFLA Sections and Core Activities, and other professional organizations for audiovisual archives.

Special expertises are required about sources and methods of acquisitions, technical issues for historical and for new carriers and equipments, legal issues affecting collecting, transferring and delivering documents, specifics rules and formats of cataloguing, and all kinds of libraries are concerned.

Relations have to be established in IFLA with corresponding groups and with PAC and UAP Core Activities, and out of IFLA with professional organizations of sound and audiovisual archives.

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