A dynamic Professional Unit has the greatest impact on IFLA’s global work – engaging members, developing strong leadership and identity, delivering high-quality services with a measurable impact, and communicating activities within IFLA and beyond. The Professional Committee launched the Dynamic Unit and Impact Award (DUIA) in 2018 to recognise the Professional Units who have excelled in putting Dynamic Unit expectations into practice.

Awarded this year to:


IFLA Section on Education and Training (SET)

For the past two years, the Unit, working in conjunction with other Sections and Special Interest Groups from Division IV and Division C, has developed a series of virtual events, featuring LIS students from around the world. These regular events centre LIS students, providing them with opportunities to network and gather experiences that will support their transition from students to information professionals. These popular events have virtually brought together thousands of participants and thousands of viewers to their SET YouTube channel.

SET have worked closely on other projects within their Division, creating resources for use by LIS practitioners, having recently published the IFLA Guidelines for Professional Library and Information Science (LIS) Education Programmes, which were created by the IFLA Building Strong LIS Education (BSLISE) – A Working Group of the IFLA Section on Education and Training (SET), Section on Library Theory and Research (LTR), and the LIS Education in Developing Countries SIG. The Guidelines serve as a framework for developing LIS education programmes, which stakeholders can apply in planning, developing, and assessing the quality of LIS education. It is made up of foundational knowledge areas and the elements of a robust LIS education programme, which should provide an LIS professional with the professional education to practice and continue to develop.

SET has been a leader on promoting the social roles of libraries for social and digital inclusion, including the set-up of a training school to facilitate deep discussion and learning around these topics. They communicate effectively with their stakeholders, with frequent and creative use of social media to connect LIS students, practitioners and the field at large. The programs offered by this unit are dynamic and inclusive and future-focused. For this and for all their work, they are to be congratulated.

SET were honoured and celebrated at this year’s 2022 WLIC which was held in Dublin.

The jury found two Sections worthy of special mention:


IFLA Library Services to Children and Young Adults (C&YA) Section

A special mention is given to the Library Services to Children and Young Adults Section for Quality and Impact of the work.   This is a highly organised, engaged and proactive Standing Committee. They have worked hard to ensure that their membership is reflective of the wider IFLA/Global library community.  This group has been a model for others with their internal and external communications practices, highlighting projects that support children and young adults in literacy, early childhood development, safety and access, among other issues.  This year alone has seen the Unit conduct a global survey on safer internet practices in libraries, a report based on these findings (to be published in 2022) accessible 0-18 library guidelines for stakeholders inside and outside of the field, and a revamp of their signature project, the now digitised, World Through Picture Books, which has an appreciative and global audience of readers.

IFLA Environment, Sustainability, Libraries (ENSULIB) Section

The jury recognised ENSULIB, a first-year Section for its strong and effective global committee, who have shown excellent planning, a clear and effective communication strategy, including an active social media presence and a series of widely-attended virtual events.  They collaborate widely across the organisation, co-hosting events, large and small and working to identify places of intersection with sustainability and that of other IFLA Committees. The ENSULIB communicates widely to connect the public to the section’s work, including translation of the ENSULIB Checklist into 23 languages. ENSULIB has always been a very active and committed group of professionals who work across IFLA to maximise their impact. We look forward to their continued dynamism and work in support of the field.

The special mentions for C&YA and ENSULIB were celebrated at this year’s 2022 WLIC, in Dublin. 

From Adjoa Boateng, IFLA’s Professional Council Chair: 

The Professional Council are excited to be able to announce the winner and give special mentions for the 2022 DUIA. Each of these sections exceptionally demonstrate the inclusive, innovative contributions and collective impact of the IFLA Professional Units.  

Congratulations to IFLA Section on Education and Training (SET), Libraries for Children and Young Adults (LCYA) and Environment, Sustainability and Libraries (ENSULIB). We would also like to take this opportunity to convey our gratitude and thanks to all Units.