IFLA is a founding member of the Culture2030Goal campaign, which brings together global cultural networks in order to make the case for a prominent, central role of culture in global development frameworks. It believes that, by placing culture on the same level as other policy areas, it will be far easier to ensure that cultural factors and actors – such as libraries – are engaged in development policy, from planning to implementation.

This webinar aims to provide you with an overview of why the campaign exists, what is does, and why you might want to get involved. In particular, we will cover the following:

  • The place of culture in the current 2030 agenda and its implementation
  • The arguments around a specific goal (or not)
  • What a culture goal might mean for libraries and library professionals
  • Current perspectives for a culture goal
  • The Zero Draft of a Culture Goal
  • How you can engage in the campaign

We well also look to make sure that there is time for questions at the end, but do submit any questions you already have via the registration form.

The webinar takes place on 28 June 2023, 4-5pm Central European Summer Time (see what time this is for you).