IFLA’s European Regional Division Committee Member, Georgios Glossiotis will make the following presentation at the 4th Pan-Hellenic Municipal Libraries Conference, hosted by the Association of Greek Librarians and Information Scientists in the Vikelaia Public Library of Heraclio.

IFLA’s European Regional Division Committee: goals, tools, content

As part of the latest IFLA’s Statute changes and aiming to strengthen the representation of libraries on a regional level around the world, IFLA introduced a new structural unit namely Regional Divisions.
In this paper a presentation of the European Regional Division Committee, its goals and objectives will be presented. Moreover the activities of the Division will be presented in a comprehensive way.

The tools that IFLA provides for supporting the work and role of libraries on a local and inter-local level will be described subsequently. Particular mention will be made to the “Library Map of the World”, a significant tool containing data for most countries of the globe. This tool also provides information about the progress in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals as set by the United Nations.

Finally, an evaluation regarding the benefits of libraries operation and participation in such transnational organizations will be performed.