IFLA’s North America Regional Division Committee participates with a special session titled “Get To Know IFLA: Your Questions Answered” at the Ontario Library Association Super Conference 2023.

For some, the International Federation of Library Associations is a mystery, and for others it’s a fascinating way to engage with colleagues around the world. Join this panel for a brief overview of IFLA and Q&A to learn about the regional approach, library map of the world, advisory committees, and sections, and what it means to be involved in international library governance and policy.

Panel participants have experience setting international library standards, writing policy, presenting at UN forums, and planning professional development for colleagues around the world, and will share their experiences and answer your questions.

More info about this session could be found here.

Panel participants:


Christina de Castell Vice-Chair of IFLA’s NA RDC and Chief Librarian & CEO, Vancouver Public Library. Read more about Christina here.

Diane Koen Past Chair, Library Buildings & Equipment section, Member of IFLA’s NA RDC and Senior Director, Planning and Resources McGill University Library. Read more about Diane here.

Francesco Manganiello Member of IFLA’s NA RDC and Chief of Staff and International Affairs, Office of the Librarian and Archivist of Canada, Library and Archives Canada. Read more about Franscesco here.

Julius C. Jefferson, Chair of IFLA’s NA RDC. Read more about Julius here.


Moe Hosseini-Ara Director, Branch Operations & Customer Experience, Toronto Public Library. Read more about Moe here.


Find out more about IFLA’s North America Regional Division Committee by clicking here: ifla.org/units/north-america-regional-division/committee/.