The IFLA Library Services to Multicultural Populations Section, Middle East and North Regional Division, and Local History and Genealogy Section cordially invite you to a webinar on 10 October 2024, 8:00 a.m. EST about Egypt’s cultural heritage.

Please register for the webinar using the link above. Registration is open up to the start of the webinar.


Dr. Hesham Azmi
Dr. Hesham Azmi

This talk explores the rich tapestry of Egypt’s cultural heritage, tracing its long and influential history. We’ll examine the current state of its preservation and the burgeoning creative and cultural industries. Looking ahead, the discussion delves into the exciting possibilities that new technologies like Artificial Intelligence hold for safeguarding and promoting this heritage for future generations.

Dr. Hesham Azmi is the Secretary General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Culture. Prior to this position, Dr. Azmi was the Chairman of the National Library and Archives of Egypt and the Chairman of the Department of Library and Information Science at Cairo University. He serves as the Editor in Chief of Cybrarians, the first electronic Arabic Library and Information Science journal. Dr. Azmi has received a number of honors including the Pioneers Award granted by the Arab Federation of Library and Information, the Award of Excellence in Research in Social Sciences and Humanities and Islamic Studies at the First International Research Forum in Doha, and the Award of Excellence in Research from Qatar University.