Unshelving Voices: A Call to Action Against Library Censorship

Facing a Rising Threat

Censorship in libraries, particularly the suppression of LGBTQ materials, is a critical issue that jeopardizes intellectual freedom, diversity, and inclusivity. This troubling trend echoes a broader assault on free expression, demanding new approaches and strategies.

A Powerful Symposium

The “Unshelving Voices” symposium, a two-day event, unites librarians, educators, activists, and allies to address these challenges. We aim to empower participants to confront censorship and develop solutions promoting open access to information and fostering welcoming library environments.

A Unifying Focus

  • Global Context: We’ll explore how library censorship fits into the larger attack on free expression and information access worldwide.
  • Raising Awareness: The symposium will illuminate issues of censorship and bias within libraries.
  • Building Strategies: Participants will develop practical tools to combat censorship and champion inclusivity.

Join the Conversation

We invite proposals for presentations on topics related to library censorship, including anti-LGBTQ censorship, legal concerns, and the impact of AI on access to information.

Together, let’s unshelve the voices silenced by censorship and create a future where libraries are beacons of open access and inclusivity.