Yes, it does! This was confirmed by 93.6% of more than 300 respondents to the first WLIC Review pulse survey.

The first of four pulse surveys on the future of WLIC focussed on the need for such a Congress.

Some key words that came to mind about WLIC were: global; learning; sharing; diverse; connections; meeting; cooperation; and community. The top two benefits for WLIC participants were identified as networking opportunities and new ideas for high-quality library and information services.

We also asked respondents to suggest what the top benefit of IFLA was, with the response being strengthening the library environment and development of libraries. One of more than 400 comments received from respondents stated:

“Thanks to IFLA and WLIC, library activity in the world is strong and indirectly cares for the development of the entire society…”

These are just a few of the results, with a full report coming in June, when we will also hold a Zoom consultation session (details to come) and release the 2nd WLIC Review pulse survey, focused on the Congress’ content and programme.

We look forward to your inputs at these upcoming sessions, and are grateful to all those who participated in the WLIC Review 1st pulse survey – your input is invaluable.

The Congress is yours to shape for the future! Stay tuned for the full details of the results from the first WLIC review survey.