The ISBD Review Group is wishing IFLA fellows and the whole library community happy holidays and a wonderful and successful new year!

On this occasion, we are delighted to share with you the highlights of another special year for ISBD.

Release of the 2021 Update to: A long awaited new Edition

The much awaited Update 2021 of the ISBD 2011 Consolidated Edition was officially released on May 25, 2022. The 2021 Update is the first release since the publication of the 2011 Consolidated Edition of the ISBD. It extends the coverage of the ISBD to a larger array of resources and brings more organization and refinements into the description of some types of resources.

ISBD and ISBD Review Group in WLIC 2022

The ISBD Review Group gave a presentation titled “ISBD: One Standard, Two revisions” in the physical IFLA Congress WLIC 2022 in Dublin, Ireland. The presentation that took place in the open session of the Advisory Committee on Standards highlighted IFLA’s and technological developments that led to having two revisions of the ISBD: one that produced the 2021 Update, and one to align the ISBD to LRM. The ISBD Review Group business meeting in WLIC 2022 had an overwhelming attendance by observers and peers from metadata sections and other IFLA standards bodies, reflecting much attention to the ISBD revision works.

The ISBD Review Group approves the ISBDM plan

In WLIC 2022 also, the ISBD Review Group had a closed meeting between its members physically attending the congress and other members joining and presenting online. The meeting was for decision making about the ISBD for Manifestation (ISBDM), the aligning revision of the ISBD to LRM. The ISBD Review Group approved the ISBDM plan which was presented by the Manifestation Task Force through a live demo of the ISBD reshaped to LRM, and a document enclosing baseline decisions for the specs and requirements to develop the ISBD into a modular standard.

New members join the ISBDM team

This Fall, the ISBD Review Group launched a call to express interest to join its Manifestation Task Forces for new deployments of the revisions work. The call attracted 14 relevant candidates from the academic and professional fields representing 11 countries and languages; a truly diverse group charged with addressing issues in prescriptiveness and granularity and in examples coverage of the ISBDM. New members took up their roles in two subgroups after an orientation session early December.

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Forthcoming Webinar: From ISBD to ISBDM – a bibliographic standard in transformation

You are invited on 26 January 2023 to join us in a fast-paced webinar to learn from the developers of the ISBDM about aligning the longstanding IFLA standard ISBD to the IFLA LRM. The webinar will feature presentations about the new environment of the ISBD, its new structure, the deployments being tackled by the subgroups and a hint on future works. The webinar will have a panel discussion allowing You and all interested parties to share views and ask questions.

Date:   Thursday, 26 January 2023
Time:   3:00 – 6:00 pm CET (GMT/UTC +1)
Where:  online (Zoom), free attendance
Know more and register

These are our highlights in 2022. We wish to thank all our partners and liaisons who contributed to our work, and we look forward to continuing our cooperation with our IFLA fellows.

Best wishes and wonderful ending of the year!

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