WLIC 2016 Columbus, Ohio, USA

Session 97
Theme: How do international relations add value? Innovation throughinternationalisation

NOIR SIG aims to be a forum for those who work in the realm of international relations to develop tools and networks and to advocate for their work both within their own organisations and with the broader IFLA professional community. Come along to the session if you want to hear more or think you might be able to contribute to that work.

WLIC 2015 Cape Town, South Africa

NOIR SIG Business Meeting

  • Presentation Marian Koren, FOBID (The Netherlands) [PDF]
  • Biblionef – appendix to presentation Marian Koren [PDF]

WLIC 2014 Lyon, France

NOIR SIG Business Meeting

  • Meeting Notes [PDF]

WLIC 2011 San Juan, Puerto Rico

Theme:  The great exchange: highlighting the role of international activities offices of national-level organisations in facilitating the exchange of services and/or staff between organisations

WLIC 2010 Gothenburg, Sweden

  • NOIR SIG 2010: [PPT] | [PDF]
  • NOIR SIG 2010 Survey of International Activities and Relations of National Libraries:[PPT] | [PDF]
  • Survey of International Activities of National Libraries, 2010: [PDF]

WLIC 2009 Milan, Italy