Other Institutional Bodies

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 Other institutional bodies within IFLA encompass three categories:

  • Institutional Sub-units
    This membership category is intended initially for libraries in faculties and departments of universities. The university (usually via its main library) must be a full Institutional member of IFLA to enable other campus libraries to enjoy Sub-unit membership.
  • One-person Library Centres
    This category is limited to those libraries or information centres with one full-time equivalent (FTE) staff member. Members in this category must provide a signed statement that this is the case in their centre.
  • School Libraries
    This category is for libraries within primary and secondary level schools (or their equivalents). There is no limit to the number of staff.


For these three categories the fees are differentiated in a similar manner as for Institutional members.

  • Band 1 – EUR 276
  • Band 2 – EUR 236
  • Band 3 – EUR 128

IFLA Sections

Members of all three categories above may register free of charge for one Section; they also receive the IFLA Journal (quarterly) and a print copy of the IFLA Annual Report.  Also, they have limited voting rights: they may vote only in Section Standing Committee elections for the Sections in which they are registered.

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Last update: 31 March 2016