Costs of IFLA Membership

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IFLA membership is comprised of various categories.  Click on each category in the table below for more detailed information.

Fee structure of the IFLA Member Categories
Category Annual Fee (Euros) *
International 615/462/282
National **
Association Affiliates 69
Other 615/462/282
Institutions 545/483/225
Institutional Sub-units 276/236/128
One-person Library Centres 276/236/128
School Libraries 276/236/128
Personal Affiliates 77
Non-salaried Affiliates 51
Student Affiliates 51
New Graduates 51
Membership for additional sections 62

A handling charge of EUR 18.00 will be added to renewal invoices.

* Three amounts on one line indicate the highest, middle and lowest amount of a differentiated fee structure with three bands.  Using the UNESCO Scale of Assessment and the United Nations List of Least Developed Countries, International Association, Other Association, and Institutional members are divided into three bands.  Find your country and band here. See the categories' extended information pages for further explanation.

** National Associations have a more elaborate band structure; for more information, please visit the National Associations membership page.

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Last update: 19 November 2020