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Open in order to... ensure universal and equitable access to information

Once again, IFLA wishes to join the celebration for open access week. This year, we have gathered materials of some of the presentations about open access that took place during the World Library and Information Congress in August 2017 in Wroclaw, Poland. By approaching the topic from many different angles, they are an example of how libraries support open access and provide input on how to continue doing so.

23 October 2017

Reform Copyright, Drive Development: IFLA Speaks for Libraries in Geneva

IFLA attended the 49th General Assemblies of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), from 2-5 October 2017, taking the opportunity to underline the need for action to help libraries guarantee meaningful access to information for their users.

10 October 2017 | CLM (Committee on Copyright and other Legal Matters), Access to information, Access to knowledge, Copyright, Copyright Limitations and Exceptions for Libraries & Archives, Marrakesh Treaty

Getting It Right: At Second Marrakesh Assembly, IFLA Launches Guide to Implementing the Treaty in Europe

Following agreement in the European Union on legislation to implement the Marrakesh Treaty, Member States now have a year to comply. By 11 October 2018, all 28 countries need to give people who are blind, have visual impairments or other print disabilities, as well as the institutions that serve them, the possibility to make and share accessible format copies of books. A new Guide makes recommendations on how best to do this.

5 October 2017 | Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities, Access to information, Access to knowledge, Europe, Marrakesh Treaty

IFLA represents libraries at the World Intellectual Property Organisation's Forty-Ninth General Assembly

From the 2nd to the 7th October, IFLA attends the World Intellectual Property Organisation’s (WIPO) Fifty-Seventh General Assembly at its headquarters, in Geneva. Libraries have been following the work at WIPO for many years, especially at the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related rights (SCCR), whose agenda currently focuses, among other topics, on exceptions and limitations for libraries and archives.

2 October 2017

Making Marrakesh Work: IFLA Addresses WIPO Seminar in Moscow

A growing network of countries have ratified the Marrakesh Treaty, giving ever wider access to information for people with print disabilities. IFLA was proud to participate in a workshop in Moscow which aimed to accelerate ratification by Russian-speaking countries.

20 September 2017 | CLM (Committee on Copyright and other Legal Matters), Access to information, Access to knowledge, Russian Federation, Marrakesh Treaty

IFLA responds to the OECD open government consultation

Open Government includes practices that redraw the relationship between public officials and citizens so that both can benefit. IFLA, in its response to an OECD consultation, took the opportunity to reiterate the important role libraries play in the field. Libraries also have worked increasingly to create digital collections in order to maximize access, and make collections available to the public.

12 September 2017 | Access to information, Democracy, Government information, Information policy, Policy

Keep Open Access Open: IFLA signs on to open letter

The transition towards Open Access is gaining momentum, and promises much greater access to research and ideas. However, it could be seriously damaged by short-sighted proposals in Europe which risk placing unbearable burdens on the repositories used by researchers and institutions to share their work.

11 September 2017 | CLM (Committee on Copyright and other Legal Matters), Access to information, Copyright, Europe, Open access

How licenses give access, but can also take it away

Release of the “Literature review on the use of licensing in library context, and the limitations this creates to access to knowledge”

21 August 2017 | CLM (Committee on Copyright and other Legal Matters), licensing, Copyright

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