We are very happy to open the 2023 edition of the IFLA Regional Advocacy Priorities Survey, following on from the 1st edition in 2021. This asks associations, institutions and individuals around the world to share their priorities and needs when it comes to library advocacy. Deadline: 25 May 2023.

The goal of IFLA’s advocacy work is to support libraries around the world to get the support they need to fulfil their missions. Both through the work of our volunteer groups and Headquarters team, we look to identify priorities and opportunities to have an impact.

To do this, it is important to have an understanding of what, from the perspective of librarians around the world, are the key questions on which library advocacy is needed.

This not only allows IFLA to focus work globally, but also gives important steer to our regional units which, since 2021, have been working to strengthen library advocacy at all levels.

We are therefore happy to launch the 2023 Regional Advocacy Priorities Survey, following up on the 2021 edition. This previous edition offered valuable insights into the priority given to advocacy around different library types, as well as levels of activity on different broad advocacy themes.

It also looked at how far, in different countries, associations and beyond, libraries were undertaking different advocacy activities, such as government relations, communications, and evidence-building. Moreover, it also looked to break down responses by the size of the responding association or institution.

The 2023 edition largely follows the 2021 version, with some additions and some simplifications. It also asks for the library field’s input on where further evidence would help support global advocacy work.

We welcome responses from associations, institutions and individuals – the larger the number of answers we get, the more useful the resulting survey will be for the field as a whole. The deadline for responses is 25 May 2023.

Answer the survey here