27 June 2012

CPDWL section Newsletter June 2012 published

By Juanita Jara de Sumar

The latest CPDWL Newsletter is now published.

Take the opportunity to read letters from the co-Chairs, as well as some interesting articles on different initiatives ongoing in the field - from Italy, Cuba and USA.

Inside this issue

  1. Standing Committee Officers and Responsibilities 
  2. Letter from the co-Chairs 
  3. Satellite meeting in Tampere
  4. Conference programs in Helsinki 
  5. From the Information Coordinator
  6. What "course" shall we take? by Matilde Fontanin 
  7. Notes on Continuing Professional Development in Cuba by Jana Varlejs
  8. CPDWL and NPSIG put Professional Development on the Global Librarianship Agenda by Loida Garcia-Febo
  9. Book Review by Jana Varlejs
  10. Miscellaneous Notes


Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning, Professional development

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