#1Lib1Ref Image

#1Lib1Ref – one librarian, one reference – is the Wikimedia Foundation’s initiative to engage the collective knowledge of libraries to improve the quality and reliability of Wikipedia articles. At a time of worry about fake news, the need for broad access to reliable, fact-checked information – rather than censorship – has never been higher.


As underlined in two reports published in 2016, the site represents an increasingly important part of the information environment, especially for those without access to institutions with subscriptions to other sources.


There is strong potential for collaboration with libraries, who can both contribute their own time and research skills, and encourage users to do the same. Indeed, with the Internet reducing the barriers to people expressing themselves, libraries can help people realise this potential, and share their knowledge. This will also help ensure that more people find content relevant to their interests and experience online.


While #1Lib1Ref traditionally takes place in January, 2018 will see a second edition, in May and June, with a particular focus on developing countries. These parts of the world are currently under-represented online, with much content – blogs, news-sites, media and of course Wikipedia – coming from richer places. #1Lib1Ref promises to ensure stronger, more reliable Wikipedia pages all over the world.  


For any libraries and librarians interested in taking part, there are instructions available online. Good luck, and let us know how you get involved!