ENSULIB is on its way from SIG to Section!

We have good news and lot of things to be thankful for! ENSULIB has applied for permission to evolve into a Section last spring. We were delighted when IFLA Professional Committee gave the permission – and even more so when 56 organizations send their membership applications. IFLA requires only 40 memberships. We wish to thank all future ENSULIB members! It is likely that ENSULIB begins as a section in 2021, which means there will a call for volunteer Standing Committee members in 2021. If your organization is a signed ENSULIB member, you are authorized to sign as a candidate. ENSULIB is looking forward to an active year.

Book Project:

Our new book project New Libraries in Old Buildings (IFLA Publication 180) will out in February in print and open access. ENSULIB’s Convener Petra Hauke has done great work editing the book of which we wish to thank her.

Finnish Green Library Project:

ENSULIB also welcomes Finnish Green Library project in which several public libraries will measure their carbon footprint and handprint and create a road map (including SDGs) for environmentally sustainable public libraries. This project is led by ENSULIB secretary Harri Sahavirta. ENSULIB has also recognized other international initiatives and plans to publish a list of links to these.

IFLA Green Library Award 2021:

Finally, IFLA Green Library Award 2021 will be announced soon. It has now been awarded five times and is becoming more visible worldwide. You can learn more about the award and the past winners at  https://www.ifla.org/node/10159