Smart Cities Need Smart Citizens

IFLA will play an active role in the first of five regional UN meetings on the Sustainable Development Goals in Geneva on 1-2 March. With representatives of governments and civil society, as well as international experts present, it is an opportunity to build understanding of, and support for, the work of libraries.


The UN’s Regional Commissions are active in promoting development in their regions. They make the connection between the global and the national, and offer governments important advice and technical support.


They are also playing a vital role in preparing the annual High Level Political Forum, the primary forum for discussion progress on the UN’s 2030 Agenda. The meetings offer space to explore how to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are in focus this year, and for countries planning to do voluntary national reviews to update on their progress.


IFLA is attending these regional meetings for the first time, starting with the Europe region (UNECE) in Geneva on 1-2 March. Countries from Ireland to Kazakhstan will share case studies of their work to meet SDGs focused on water, energy, cities, sustainable consumption and life on land. Fifteen will talk about their preparations for their national reviews of progress – an opportunity for libraries to explain their own contribution, and to get more closely involved.


IFLA will be there to talk with governments, like-minded non-governmental organisations and UN officials, both in order to influence their thinking, and to build stronger connections for our its members.


You can read more about IFLA’s engagement at the UNECE Regional Sustainable Development Forum through our daily blogs. IFLA has also blogged on what is planned for libraries and the SDGs in 2018, and on the role of libraries in delivering SDG 11.