9 June 2017

Call for nominations for the Linked Data Technical Sub-committee

By Claire McGuire

Do you know something about namespaces? Or does someone in your organization have an interest or knowledge in this technical area? Would you like to help develop the namespaces for IFLA’s standards?

IFLA publishes FRBR, ISBD and UNIMARC; if you believe in supporting these as free resources for the whole world to use, we need you, to help us to make and keep their namespaces available.

The IFLA Committee on Standards is looking for enthusiastic people to work together to develop the provision of IFLA namespaces and their management. The Linked Data Technical Sub-Committee (LIDATEC) will be a group of up to 7 people working together – mainly online – to develop the procedures and support for maintaining IFLA’s namespaces. The Sub-Committee reports to the IFLA Committee on Standards.

Applications to work on the Sub-Committee should be sent to elections@ifla.org by 30 June 2017. The application form is brief – if you are interested in working with us on this topic, simply describe your own expertise and knowledge in a short paragraph. A selection will be made in July and we hope the selected participants will be able to meet with us in Poland in August.

As IFLA is a not-for-profit organisation, funded by library membership, we unfortunately do not have funding to support individual participation. Please, however, consider contributing your (or your organization’s) time and financial support and unite with us to improve the library world for the benefit of all.

Members of the committee try to meet once a year at the IFLA World Library and Information Congress; discounted registration is available for people selected for the LIDATEC committee.

Applications to elections@ifla.org by 30 June 2017:

Institutional affiliation (if any):
Short (APPROXIMATELY 250 WORDS) explanation of your background and experience *relevant to this committee* (particularly in the area of linked data and RDF publishing):

Please share this message with anyone you think might have an interest in helping.

Thank you.

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