IFLA Global Vision

22,000 votes from 213 countries and areas of the world

Save the date! Global Vision report launch Monday 19 March

Save the date!

The wait is nearly over!  Results from the world's first-ever global discussion across the library community will be revealed on Monday 19 March 2018 when IFLA’s Global Vision Report is launched during the IFLA President’s Meeting in Barcelona, Spain.

Never before have thousands of librarians from every continent and almost every country in the world produced such a ground-breaking collection of ideas to connect and unite each other. Library leaders, outstanding experts, young professionals and librarians from multiple generations have had their say, making this a unique and hugely influential document that will shape the library field's future.

Don't forget to save the date and be ready to download your copy!

IFLA Global Vision

IFLA Sections, SIGs, Strategic Programmes and Review Group Reports

You can learn more about results of meetings organised by IFLA using the links below. The reports provided by IFLA Members are divided into different thematic categories as IFLA Units, Sections and Groups. The reports include photos, comments and top-five answers to questions addressing the idea of a united library field tackling the challenges of the future. The discussions were carried out during both face-to-face and online meetings. The participants shared their thoughts and experience, providing invaluable input to the global conversation about the united library field.  

Find out the outcomes of the Global Vision discussions organised by IFLA Sections, SIGs, Strategic Programmes and Review Groups: