Copyright reform in multi-stakeholder and multi-lateral settings


Advocate within the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) domain for an endorsed instrument that provides legal certainty for:

  • a basic foundation of exceptions and limitations for libraries and archives in all countries that would benefit access to knowledge for library users in all WIPO member states;
  • the creation of accessible format works which may be transferred by libraries across borders as part of interlending services on behalf of users;
  • equitable access for library users while maintaining a balance between the rights of rights holders and library users.

Advocate for and monitor implementation of the WIPO Marrakesh Treaty by both developing and developed countries, to improve access to information for those with visual impairments.

Advocate for libraries within multi-lateral trade negotiations with the potential to impact on access to information, and exceptions and limitations for libraries.

Monitor and engage in text and data mining developments as they impact on copyright reform and access to information.

In 2013 - 2014 priority will be given to:

  • advocating on behalf of libraries and archives through the WIPO process, with the aim of convening a diplomatic conference on an international instrument for libraries by end 2014;
  • advocating to increase understanding by stakeholders at the national and regional level of the position taken by libraries and archives to copyright exceptions and limitations in the print and digital information environments;
  • monitoring and advocating for balanced copyright laws in the context of Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) and Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) negotiations;
  • formation of a text and data mining (TDM) working group within the Committee on Copyright & other Legal Matters (CLM), to produce an IFLA position statement on TDM; building capacity for copyright advocacy at the national level to implement equitable copyright frameworks that benefit users and creators, through the CLM Copyright Learning Materials, and a program educating library and information professionals on advocacy tools.

Last update: 13 October 2014