Guided by the IFLA Principles for eLending, advocate for the availability of digital content, downloadable onsite at the library or remotely through online catalogues to develop a digital culture of reading that will benefit users, authors and publishers, and overcome a variety of technical, legal and strategic issues which are leading to concern, confusion and frustration for libraries and their users, publishers and authors.

In 2013 – 2014 priority will be given to:

  • advocating the IFLA Principles for eLending, with a particular focus on Europe;
  • promoting IFLA privacy guidelines that incorporate the relevant Principles for eLending;
  • delivering an advocacy workshop through the Management of Library Associations Section to provide national associations with tools to advocate for favourable eLending terms in their country;
  • investigating the implications of the digital first-sale doctrine.

Last update: 29 July 2014