8 May 2018

May 2018 GenLoc Chair Report

Dear Colleagues of Genealogy & Local History Section

I would like to share the latest information regarding GenLoc activities and programs.

Satellite Meeting at Panang, Malaysia, August 23rd one-day conference

We have completed the selection and list as attached 2018 GenLoc Satellite Conference Presenters List for upload to system 0425. Authors are requested to complete full paper and PPT for presentation.

Our local organizer, Dr. Salma Khoo is working on the event and will draft a program for the conference.

GenLoc Open Session at WLIC/IFLA in Kuala Lumpur

We completed the selection and listed as 2018 GenLoc Satellite Conference Presenters List for uplodad to system 0425. Authors are requested to complete full paper and PPT for presentation.

Action Plan 2017-2018

Please bring in with you ideas for activities proposed in our action plan and we will discuss on-line and put them into work.

A reminder for 2018 WLIC Registration and GenLoc Satellite Conference

Please let us know if you are attending the satellite conference in Penang and the WLIC in KL.

Input your ideas for 2018 WLIC SC Meetings

Cecilia will cumulate your ideas for preparing the agenda for WLIC in KL.

IFLA Global Vision Action

Colleagues of GenLoc, I am calling your input,

I submit one idea that Gallery, Library, Archives, Museum, Records (GLAMR) to work together for information service as a profession.

I submit another idea that IFLA shall partner with ISO, WIPO, IFRRO, IPA, and ALA.

GenLoc Membership

I received a note from IFLA HQ that GenLoc Section member numbers are declining and that this will affect our status as an IFLA Section. There is a deadline of September 2018 for us to work and improve.

I’ve added GenLoc to my institution membership. My other colleague also added GenLoc to her membership. I am requesting your help to convince your colleagues in your area to add on GenLoc Section membership.

Regional Conveners of GenLoc Section (repeated) 

Cheri Bush already submitted the report. 




North America

South America

I’ve request five colleagues our Regional Conveners for collecting information about events and activities in their region, as well to promote Genealogy & Local History Section.

Kindly help with your best and input the information as below:





Brief Description of the Event


Kindly input your ideas, proposals or events in your country or region to enrich our information in order to strengthen our profession.

Cecilia and Petro will put them together as an overview for reference and to report to Division II and IFLA HQ.

Regional Conveners of GenLoc Section

Kindly help to add more membership for GenLoc.

2019 Satellite Conference

Bozena is working on the 2019 Satellite Conference, Cecilia is working on the 2019 WLIC Open Programme. Kindly input your ideas for conference them or topics to discuss.

Good luck on undergoing activities.

Warmest Regards

Chihfeng P. Lin

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