2 April 2015

New School Library Guidelines Draft Issued and Midterm meeting

IFLA School Library Guidelines 2015

The IFLA School Libraries Section is pleased to make available the (draft) IFLA School Library Guidelines 2015.  This has been a huge collaborative piece of work to bring together more than two years worth of work.  The drafting of these revised guidelines involved discussion, debate and consultation with many people from many countries at workshops during IFLA conferences and mid-year meetings and through ongoing writing and review in person and online.

The editors are indebted to the contributions of members of the Standing Committee of the IFLA Section of School Libraries and the executive board of the International Association of School Librarianship (IASL), as well as the other members of the international school library community who shared their expertise and their passion for the project.  Huge thanks to editors Barbara Shultz-Junes and Dianne Oberg.

The draft has been submitted to the IFLA Professional Committee and is awaiting approval.

Midterm Meeting

The section is also busy preparing for it's Midterm meeting in Austin, Texas with a full agenda of discussions and debates to take the section forward into the future and looking forward to meeting everyone in August in Cape Town at the WLIC.

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