Congress theme: “Open access to knowledge - promoting sustainable progress”

Namali Suraweera, Sri Lanka - Grantee in the Spotlight

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Namali sees this conference as a big opportunity to continue her introduction to international librarianship after participating in an ALP workshop in 2008. She sees the Congress as a great opportunity to network with other professionals, share experiences, and gain solution to problems. Namali is especially interested in ideas she can use to put new technology into practice when she returns home.

Namali is completing her PhD in New Zealand; at home in Sri Lanka she was a lecturer in the department of library and information science. She hopes her studies will give her a broader, global perspective to take home.

“Libraries in Sri Lanka are quite traditional, public libraries do not have computers for the public. There is a real need for development in the sector, and to meet changing user needs. Libraries need to market themselves, and promote the role of libraries in society”.