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IFLA International Leaders Programme Associates & Counsellors in Singapore

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IFLA International Leaders Programme Associates & Counsellors in Singapore

The International Leaders Programme is a two-year Programme designed to increase the cohort of leaders who can effectively represent the wider library sector in the international arena, and to develop leaders within IFLA.

Now in their second year, Leaders Programme Associates selected to participate from 2012-2014 represent every major library sector and geographic region and bring a range of international experiences to the projects that Associates will be attached to during the Programme. They will participate in eight days of activities in Singapore, including: seminar and workshop sessions on issues with a global impact led by leaders in the sector and related fields; participation in specified business meetings; attendance at specified professional programme sessions; working within groups to prepare presentations or reports; participation in mock Internet Governance Forum (IGF) and Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR) sessions; a session to develop negotiation and strategy in national and multi-stakeholder forums; and liaison with IFLA Governing Board members. 

Leaders Programme Associates will also give project presentations during the Action for Development through Libraries Programme (ALP) Session on Wednesday.  At this session, participants in the programme will present results from the first year of the programme. This will include results of research into Open Access in development countries, strategies for regional collaboration for advocacy, challenges to access to digital content, and findings from representation at major events such as the Internet Governance Forum.

Speakers at this session will include members of the current cohort of 12 Associates who participate in the programme until August 2014.

Leaders Programme Counsellors from across IFLA’s membership provide support and guidance to Associates throughout the Programme, which include representation from all IFLA official languages.

The Programme is administered by ALP under the general direction of the IFLA Governing Board.