IFLA Journal – Editorial Committee


The IFLA Journal Editorial Committee is a committee appointed by and reporting to the Professional Committee, with the responsibility to manage the editorial direction of the IFLA Journal in consultation with the Editor and the Professional Committee and to monitor the quality of the Journal. The committee will work with the Editor to establish a panel of peer reviewers on the basis of expertise and will also participate in the review process. They may provide advice on other strategic and ongoing issues relating to the Journal as requested by the Professional Committee.

For complete information, see the The Terms of Reference for the IFLA Journal Editorial Committee.


Shali Zhang
Dean of Libraries
Auburn University Libraries
United States
Email: shali.zhang@auburn.edu
1st Term Chair: 2017-2019
2nd Term: 2019-2023

Editor (ex officio)

Steven Witt
Head, International and Area Studies Library Associate Professor
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
United States
Email: swwitt@illinois.edu


Amanda Cossham
Principal Lecturer
Open Polytechnic of New Zealand
New Zealand
Email: Amanda.Cossham@openpolytechnic.ac.nz
1st Term: 2019-2023

Milena Dobreva-McPherson
University College London Qatar
Email: milena.dobreva@gmail.com
1st Term: 2016-2020

Almany Elsayed
Information Science Dept., Helwan University
Email: amany03@gmail.com
1st Term: 2019-2023

Anne Goulding
Professor of Library and Information Management
Victoria University of Wellington
New Zealand
Email: Anne.goulding@vuw.ac.nz
1st Term: 2016-2020

Perla Innocenti
Senior Lecturer (Associate Prof) in Information Science
University of Strathclyde
United Kingdom
Email: perla.innocenti@strath.ac.uk
1st Term: 2017-2021

Mahmood Khosrowjerdi
Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences
Email: mahmood.khosrowjerdi@inn.no
1st Term: 2019-2023

Debbie Rabina
Pratt Institute
United States
Email: drabina@pratt.edu
1st Term: 2017-2021

Diljit Singh
Retired Professor
University of Malaya
Email: diljit.singh.dr@gmail.com
1st Term: 2019-2023

Egbert John Sánchez Vanderkast
National Autonomous University of Mexico, Institute for Library and Information Studies (IIBI-UNAM)
Email: egbert@unam.mx
1st Term: 2019-2023

Lihong Zhou
Associate Professor of Library Science and Assistant to the Dean
Wuhan University
Email: 00030118@whu.edu.cn
1st Term: 2017-2021

Governing Board Liaison

Sanjay Kumar Bihani
Library and Information Officer
Ministry of External Affairs, India
Email: sanjaykbihani@gmail.com
1st Term: 2019-2023

Last update: 14 May 2021

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