International Advocacy Programme (IAP) Awareness-raising materials from around the world

​As part of the International Advocacy Programme (IAP), IFLA has encouraged the millions-strong library field to unleash their creativity and create a powerful movement to support and raise awareness of the SDGs.

Serious games, videos, calendars, t-shirts, furniture, dedicated websites, social media groups, booklets, handouts, are just some examples of this worldwide campaign to promote the role of libraries in achieving the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda.

See below some of the great products created by IAP participants in every region:


Click on the images to explore more:


Click on the images to explore more:

Arabic Speaking countries

Arab Librarians 2030


Think global, act local


Bibliotecas por um mundo melhor


Agenda 2030 et Bibliothèques - France


Bibliothek 2030


Bibliotecas para o desenvolvimento e a Agenda 2030


Biblioteke I Agenda UN 2030

If you have produced materials about libraries and the UN SDGs, and you would like us to feature them here, please contact us!

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Last update: 6 August 2019