The COVID-19 pandemic, and the measures taken to limit it, have had major impact on libraries and the communities they serve.

Restrictions aimed at reducing infections have obliged libraries to put a hold on in-person access and services, and a much greater use of digital tools in order to engage with users.

The innovation and resourcefulness that libraries have shown has meant that they have continued to be able to provide information, support and wellbeing to many.

With many countries – if far from all – now seeing falls in infection rates, efforts have turned to the question of how to resume in-person services in a way that is safe for users and staff. 

With over 30 countries having published or shared plans, IFLA has developed an overview which highlights recurring themes that appear. This document is based on a presentation given at the American Library Association’s International Relations Round Table on 5 June 2020. 

Download the overview as a pdf.