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Standing Committee


Adjoa K. Boateng
Head of Reference Services
The British Library
United Kingdom
Email: adjoakboateng@gmail.com
1st Term: 2013-2017
2nd Term: 2017-2021


Mathilde Servet
Responsable adjointe de la médiathèque Marguerite Yourcenar
Réseau des bibliothèques de la Ville de Paris
Email: mathilde.servet@paris.fr
1st Term: 2015-2019

Information Coordinator

Lan Gao
Senior Subject Department Librarian
Cleveland Public Library
United States
Email: lan.gao@cpl.org
1st Term: 2017-2021


Alireza Afshari
Library Manager
Stockholm Public Library
Email: alireza.afshari@stockholm.se
1st Term: 2013-2017
2nd Term: 2017-2021

Gulnara Baitakova
Head of the Department of Scientific Publishment Work
The National Library of the Kyrgyz Republic
Kyrgyz Republic
Email: onmr@nlkr.gov.kg
1st Term: 2015-2019

Anita Basak
Govt. College of Engineering & Leather Technology
Email: basakaa11@gmail.com
1st Term: 2015-2019

Simona-Marilena Bursasiu
Romania Central University Library
Email: simona_bursasiu@yahoo.de
1st Term: 2015-2019

Theresa Byrd
Dean of the University Library
University of San Diego
United States
Email: tsbyrd@sandiego.edu
1st Term: 2017-2021

Olga Cuadrado Fernández
Head Librarian, Fátima Mernissi Library
Fundación Tres Culturas del Mediterráneo
Email: olgacuadrado@tresculturas.org
1st Term: 2017-2021

Mary Grace Flaherty
Assistant Professor
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, School of Information and Library Science
United States
Email: mgflaher@email.unc.edu
1st Term: 2015-2019

Oddbjorn Hansen
Senior Librarian
Nasjonalbiblioteket / National Library of Norway
Email: Oddbjorn.hansen@nb.no
1st Term: 2017-2021

Suela Jorgaqi
Director of the Intercultural Pestalozzi-Bibliothek Hardau
Email: suela.jorgaqi@pbz.ch
1st Term: 2015-2019

Shelli Lake
Language and Adult Education Advisor
Deichman Stovner/ Oslo Public Library, Stovner
Email: shelli.lake@deichman.no
1st Term: 2017-2021

Kenji Murakami
Section Manager, Library
Shiga University of Medical Services
Email: murak@belle.shiga-med.ac.jp
1st Term: 2015-2019

Maria Neryueva
Deputy Head, Department on library interaction with Russian and CIS Libraries
Russian State Library
Russian Federation
Email: NeryuevaMV@rsl.ru
1st Term: 2017-2021

Pam Ryan
Director, Service Development and Innovation
Toronto Public Library
Email: pryan@torontopubliclibrary.ca
1st Term: 2017-2021

Le Yang
Head of Digital Lab
Texas Tech University Libraries
United States
Email: yanglegd@gmail.com
1st Term: 2017-2021

Jiangshun Zhang
Deputy Director, Reference & Information Department
Guangzhou Library
Email: zhangjiangshun@gzlib.gov.cn
1st Term: 2017-2021

Corresponding Members

Leslie Kuo
Intercultural Affairs
Stadtbibliothek Pankow (Pankow District Public Library System)
Email: leslie.kuo@ba-pankow.berlin.de
1st Term: 2017-2019

Jack Hang-tat Leong
University of Toronto Libraries
Email: jack.leong@utoronto.ca
1st Term: 2017-2019

Teona Shainidze Krebs
Adult Education Division Head
Pikes Peak Library District
United States
Email: tshainidzekrebs@ppld.org
1st Term: 2017-2019

Tess Tobin
Associate Professor
New York City College of Technology
United States
Email: tobin.teresamarie@gmail.com
1st Term: 2016-2018

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