For the position of Governing Board Member 2017-2019

Vadim Duda

Transforming smaller public libraries into successful local community centres

Yes, they told us many times – who needs a library if you can find anything online? They told us people don’t read and they wouldn’t come to the library anymore. Yes, we heard all about the crisis. But decided not to participate. 

People trust local things: local newspapers, local suppliers, local food. Local library shouldn’t be excluded from this circle of trust. Even more – they might play a very important role in a new dimension – to be the centre of local community, key stakeholders, for those, who choose to see perspectives and do real things to make the life better. This will result in societal, cultural and economic growth.

As a focal point the library should bring together local dwellers, in particular bearers of cultural heritage, experts in local history and entrepreneurs interested in boosting local tourism and industry. The library should help to leverage the potential of all local players. Also, it helps to establish dialogue between them and local authorities and operates as a community center, promoting law awareness and social activism.

The Library for Foreign Literature (LFL) has provided support for smaller libraries by developing the Model Library standards and by doing the real implementation of this concept in cooperation with local authorities all over Russia. Some of our re-built libraries in the regions have shown amazing growth in audience and play important role in local communities. We create real value for the libraries, local authorities and communities, supporting their development, creativity and innovation.

It is a foremost priority for our Library to enable “field” librarians to share their ideas and experience with the colleagues abroad. LFL has assisted them in their international contacts and in accessing international information and materials. IFLA is a trusted voice of the library and the information community. Each library, even the smallest one, deserves the right to be heard nationally and internationally. So I believe that efforts at empowering smaller libraries and setting wider horizons for them on the international professional arena will be rewarding and give a vital boost to the further development of the global library community.

Dear colleagues! 40 000 public libraries and 60 000 school libraries of Russia are waiting to hear about IFLA and waiting to be heard by IFLA.

Vadim Duda
Director General
All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature
Moscow, Russian Federation