IFLA Development Roadmap

Transforming IFLA Together: a Timeline

IFLA is making an exceptional effort to engage members in our governance review process, on the basis that there can be no decisions about you without you. Yet this is entirely in line with the spirit and practice that has characterised all of our efforts, over the past four years.

IFLA’s transformation into a more inclusive and effective organisation has depended on developing a shared vision and strategy, and the structures necessary to deliver on it. At each stage, we have worked to make sure that everyone in the global library field can take part in the conversation, and help create a new IFLA together.

We started with the launch of the Global Vision in 2016. Through two rounds of meetings, consultations and surveys, seeing over 30 000 people contribute from 190 countries worldwide and all continents, we were able to define highlights and opportunities for the field as a whole, as well as to create the IFLA Ideas Store.

Building on this, we developed a new Strategy for IFLA for 2019-2024, again working closely with our Members and volunteers to create a roadmap that would truly reflect the needs of our field and provide a means of responding to them.

Now, with our Vision and Strategy in place, our Governance Review aims to build structures to match our ambitions. Once again, we have placed you and your priorities, as expressed through our survey in October 2019, at the heart of our work.

Following months of discussion in our Governing Board, we are now entering a new phase of the conversation, based on the first draft of our new proposed governance structure.

Between 22 June and 14 July, Members and volunteers are invited to share their views and ideas on these proposals, via the survey link shared with them. The Governing Board will consider and incorporate this feedback in late July, and then host a series of virtual open forums and round tables to continue to discuss the new ideas further in August.

A final proposal – based on your priorities, and improved through your feedback – will then be presented at the General Assembly to be held in October or November, after which members will vote on changes to the IFLA Statutes.

Following this timeline will enable us to launch the process of nominations and elections for our Governing Board and other committees in good time, allowing us to start to work within the new structures from August 2021.

Together we will be able to complete our transformation into a more effective, more inclusive organisation.